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Writing an introduction to study efficiently

Lists of studies are formed training officers under the leadership of the senior master. Lists are approved by faculty meeting of school and approved as the director or the deputy director on uchebno – production work before a half-year.

To teach to complete units and to prepare them to work, to prepare a field and to carry out interrow processing, to form optimum density of plants, to feed up plants mineral fertilizers, to check quality of work and to determine productivity and fuel consumption.

Further performance of a task needs to be constructed step by step: to carry out maintenance of a tractor on a shift basis and a cultivator; to check and adjust working bodies of a cultivator; to define a row-spacing for the first pass and to launch the unit in work; to check quality of work of a cultivator; to measure the processed area and to define fuel consumption.

- to provide a right choice uchebno – production works, appropriate programs of inservice training, their distribution between educational groups, full and uniform load of all pupils, rational use uchebno – the production equipment;

For processing of crops of propashny cultures row-spacings of 700 mm wide. the average section of working bodies is attached precisely to the middle of a bar, and by the others through 700 mm. The master charges to pupils to check correctness of arrangement of sections and reliability of their fastening. The cultivator is hung on a tractor in the same sequence, as a plow.

The master, first of all, analyzes the content of material of the training program, studies appropriate sections of the textbook, methodical grants, lighting the best practices. During this work the master accurately defines, what receptions, ways and kinds of works pupils have to study, and distributes subject material on lessons, and difficult subjects including a large number of various receptions and types of works dismembers before it on under subjects.

Equipment, tools and adaptations: The MTZ-80 tractor, KPH-4,2 cultivator with adaptations for work at the increased speeds and processing of protective zones, a razmetochny board, two rulers, chistik, a tool set, the two-meters, dimensional linings for installation of a cultivator on the cultivation depth, the tire manometer.

Correct the organization of workplaces promotes increase of productivity at the standard of work of pupils, observance of safety rules. At an appropriate order physical energy is considerably saved on a workplace, the equipment well remains.

At selection uchebno – production works it is necessary to be guided developed by practice of training in requirements: Compliance of the works to educational tasks, i.e. performance of work having production value that increases interest of pupils in training and gives economic effect.

Task of professional school is not only training of the worker of a certain profession, but also formation of personal qualities of the pupil. On it, along with the educational purposes of a subject it is necessary to define and educational.

By preparation of a cultivator for work the master pays attention of pupils that high quality of work possibly only at the correct adjustment of working bodies. Preparation of a cultivator for work is carried out on an adjusting platform.

Agronomics – pupils have to be able to work correctly at units on care of propashny cultures, to know agrotechnical requirements, to know processing depth, quality of processing, pupils have to be able will define what view of the soil it to process on a cultivator.

The workplace has to be organized that that it was possible to study precisely and qualitatively all subjects of the program of inservice training with observance of safety rules of work, as much as possible to keep the equipment and to extend service life. The workplace has to meet the modern requirements of production culture and an industrial art. The scientific organization of work on a workplace provides, first of all, rational labor process, decrease in weariness of pupils, an exception of excess and not convenient movements, ensuring high efficiency of work and quality of work. Each link has to be equipped. Besides the tool attached to cars on workplaces has to be sets and control and measuring adaptations, rulers, templates and other. Besides, use various supports, linings and.