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Not less clearly the contrast of dialectic and materialistic methods of thinking acts in Ancient philosophy. On - to a being, many first Greek philosophers were dialecticians and considered whole and in interaction and communication of its phenomena. For more than one thousand years of development of Ancient philosophy the materialism and idealism, the dialectics and metaphysics which developed in Ancient Greek philosophy underwent the difficult evolution reflecting dialectics of development of the society.

It is possible to tell that in ethics Aristotle, more than in other parts of the philosophical doctrine (for example, in "metaphysics"), divorces Platon. "Nikomakhovy ethics" contain the known statement which by tradition was given character of a saying: "Platon to me - the friend, but truth is dearer".

Aristotle divided virtues as it was already told, on two look. Dialoeticheskiye (cogitative or are intellectual also ethical (are moral. Two concern the first - a rationality, or wisdom, and the judiciousness, practical wisdom acquired by training. The second - virtues of will, character; courage, generosity, moral, etc. concern to them. The last are developed by education of habits.

At this time he criticizes the theory of ideas of Platon and develops the doctrine about a form and a matter stated in early parts of "Metaphysics" and also forms idea about unity of soul and a body. It vydvagat the theory according to which relationship of soul and a body it is similar to the relation of a form and a matter when gives sense and the purpose of life.