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Eat immature beans, when shutters and grains gentle, juicy, sweetish taste. Green beans contain: carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, B1, B2, PP, C vitamins, carotene and mineral salts. In process of maturing of beans of a shutter grow coarse (on their inside pergament films are formed), and the sugar containing in grains turns into starch.

Preliminary soaking not only accelerates cooking terms, but also promotes preservation of their integrity when cooking. After soaking water is merged, filled in bean with cold water (3l on 1 to and cook, periodically stirring slowly. Haricot 1-2 h, peas – 1-1,5 h cook, lentil – 1ch. Salt cookings, bean shortly before the termination, as salt slows down a razvarivaniye. In the course of cooking it is possible to add aromatic vegetables.

Lentil boils soft quicker than others bean is acquired by a human body easier. It is not recommended to be presoaked in cold water for reduction of duration of cooking: without preliminary soaking lentil cooks about 1 h – ready grains are easily crushed between fingers.

To touch and wash out the haricot pods cut by straws, to pripustit in the added some salt water, to shift in a salad bowl, to add pepper, the wiped nuts, vinegar, small cut greens, salt to taste. Carefully to mix everything.

To fill in peas with cold water and to cook on weak fire of 1 - 1,5 hour, having closed a cover. If peas old, long lay – previously to wet it. To wipe the boiled peas through a sieve or to pass via the meat grinder. To connect to cream of wheat, to add crude eggs, spices and it is good to stir. To make of the turned-out test of a flat cake, but everyone to put forcemeat, to zashchipnut, roll in in crackers and to fry. Forcemeat can be made of usual meat, but zrazas with forcemeat from the liver turned with onions are especially tasty.

Bean (Leguminosae) – family of two-submultiple, razdelnolepestny plants (apprx. 500 childbirth, over 1200 look, distributed on all globe, the third on number, after slozhnotsvetny and orkhidny. Trees, bushes, lianas, semi-bushes, long-term or annual herbs of extremely various shape. Leaves next or mutovchaty, in the huge majority with stipules, seldom simple, a thicket plumose or palchatoslozhny, at some bean instead of leaves – filodiya (listovidny scapes), or leaves are developed in the form of scales, and in that case stalks represent green kladodiya. Inflorescences most often botrichesky (brushes, whisks, heads). Flowers correct or wrong, the okolotsvetnik is well developed, the nimbus is brightly painted.

Beans and haricot. When cooking color haricot after 10-15-minute boiling water is merged and then bean again filled in with hot water. It becomes for clarification of ready dishes and removal of the bitterish knitting smack of haricot. Also when cooking haricot it is not necessary to mix its various grades as duration of their cooking is not identical.

The papilionaceous – flowers wrong, so-called papilionaceous: the nimbus consists of one larger back petal, two smaller lateral and still smaller, slightly accrete ( above. Herbs, bushes, are more rare trees; are widespread on all globe.

On value for the person the bean – one of the most important families of angiospermous plants. Many bean are valuable as food plants, protein-rich, and using seeds (peas, beans, haricot, soy, lentil, chick-pea, a peanut, or a peanut, etc.), young fruits beans (haricot, peas), underground parts (a chufa and a row tropical a look, juicy pulp of fruits (tseregradsky pods, taraminda, divy honey, etc.). The fat oil extracted from seeds bean goes to food (peanut, soy and the friend, and also for production of soap, lubricant oils, etc. The bean have huge value as fodder plants – a clover, a lucerne, a seradella, a lupine and. other.

Cook haricot and beans (on 1 kg of haricot to 3 l of water) at weak continuous boiling in the closed ware without salt addition. Duration of cooking is 1-2 h. Ready grains of the bean are easily crushed between fingers.

Color haricot of some grades contains the substances giving to broth dark color. If it is wished to be avoided, water in which haricot cooks, at once after boiling merged, haricot is filled in with boiled water again and cooked to readiness.