Htgawm Amirah Vann Talks To 12

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"technical training of production is a complex of the normative and technical actions regulating design, technological preparation of production and system of statement of production on production".

Thus, we see that process of carrying out technical training of production is not in itself simply installation of the equipment, and represents a difficult complex of the interconnected actions. Actually it is radical reorganization of production, since the equipment and finishing with specialization of workers.

The main structural link of line production is the product line - a number of the interconnected workplaces located as sequence of performance of technological process and united by the general for all norm of productivity (it the leading car a stream defines.

Objects of the labor in the course of production can move consistently, in parallel and in parallel consistently. Cycle duration the smallest at the parallel movement of objects of the labor, the greatest - at consecutive.

Technical factors - development and deployment of standard and standard technological processes, use of the standardized and unified means of technological equipment; use of systems of the automated design of industrial equipment; application of ASUP, machines with ChPU, the progressive modes of mechanical and technical processing of details; use of progressive processing methods of processing; introduction of progressive preparations for the purpose of decrease in labor input on machining and material capacities of production, improvement of metrological providing; application of means of active and objective technical quality control; automation of control over the implementation of network schedules of design and production of means of a hardware.

Duration and structure of a production cycle are counted analytical, graphic or graphic-analytical in the ways. For this purpose it is necessary to know components on which production process, sequence, a way of performance and standards of its duration, a type of the movement of an object of the labor is dismembered.

At the enterprises of single and small-scale production mainly decentralized or mixed production preparation form is applied: at the first form the main work on technical training is conducted by the relevant bureau of production shops; at the second - all amount of works is distributed between factory and shop bodies. In this case design preparation is most often carried out in department of the chief designer, and technological - in shop bureaus of preparation of production. At the small enterprises all technical training concentrates in uniform technical department.

Those processes which direct result is production of production making products of this enterprise, and to auxiliary - during what semi-products for the main production are created concern to the main, and also the works providing the normal course of the main processes are performed. The side production covers processes of processing of waste of the main production or their utilization.

Duration of technological operations is time during which there are mechanical, chemical, physical and other impacts on objects of the labor therefore change of forms, the sizes, physical and chemical properties of objects of the labor is carried out. Duration of auxiliary operations is the time spent for intershop and intra shop movements of objects of the labor, control, packing, marking, etc.

Level of scientific and technical preparation of production determines efficiency of production of production by the main production, causes possibility of rhythm of its release with the set consumer properties.

Organizational factors - development and deepening of specialization of production; certification of quality of technological processes and the made means of technological equipment, the non-standard equipment by results of quality of a prototype or a first production lot of products of the main production, improvement of the organization of auxiliary production; improvement of the relations between auxiliary and main production; expansion of intra factory, interfactory, intra-branch cooperation.