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Many bad decisions were caused by that the person who accepted them did not understand a being of a problem. Often managing directors see problems where they, in fact, are not present. There are only their external signs or symptoms. However there are some simple receptions helping to understand, whether really correctly you understand a problem.

Condition the second. As the volume and quality of control are directly proportionally connected with the spent resources, the golden mean between the width, quality and costs of its carrying out has to be chosen.

The first reception such is. First of all, state a problem in writing — if are able, so you understand it. If you wrote down it, it does not mean yet that correctly understood a problem. However process of record will help you to understand its essence. The general mistake thus is the excessive community, not concreteness of the formulation. Formulations of type: "It is necessary to undertake something according to safety measures" — are useless.

Introduction of the decision in practice. "It is as if good there was an alternative chosen by you, it will not lead to result, will not pass test business yet. Do not make a mistake and do not put it immediately into practice. At first consider possible consequences of introduction for others. Then try to convince others of correctness of the decision or at least to achieve their acquiescence.

Therefore, process of achievement of the purpose has to lean not on a solution of the problem of increase of profit, it is too indistinct, and on the concrete instrument of achievement of this problem – modernization of technologies.

Statement of problems consists in finding all possible reasons (factors) influencing process of achievement of the purpose: strategic or tactical. And at a choice of the reasons the preference more fundamental has to be given and be swept aside all derivatives.

Identification of alternatives is the second stage of decision-making process which consists in finding possible alternative solutions. Usually it does not cause special difficulties if you deeply penetrated into the main point. After the made attempts of identification of a real problem, you probably will have an idea and of its possible decisions. In a different way search of alternatives there can be "brainstorming" undertaken by you or is independent, or with participation of others. When "brainstorming" give vent to imagination and write down any decision which came to mind however silly, wild or improbable it seemed. At this time the criticism is forbidden. Simply write down these ideas. Other approach about which it is, however, easier to speak than to carry out, in graphically to represent all logical opportunities. It is very important to record for this purpose in writing each alternative then you could study them.

It is unlikely someone will argue with the statement that planning is the main and major management process. Decision-making is in turn a planning basis. It is impossible to tell that the plan exists if the decision was not made. From here the judgment follows that process of decision-making has to have the same importance, as planning for the organization.

Of course, it is not necessary to address in each occasion to the chief he solved everything for you. Sometimes, even if your decision is not ideal, it makes sense to work most to what the following example from practice testifies.

If to address to the dictionary, it is possible to read that the decision is "the act of development of final judgment". In relation to administrative decisions it means "a choice of a certain course of actions from possible alternatives".

"In practice good managing directors try to make some "spare" plans for a case of unforeseen circumstances. Sense in entering reliability factor into your decision. Try to have a backup plan which if necessary could use at a stage of check of result".

In the previous paragraph features of statement of problems from what follows were already considered that than more primitive problems are opened and the more rigid communications between them are opened, the napravlenny there is a decision-making process, so a high probability of that process of implementation of the decision will lead us to the demanded purpose.